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Hi, I'm Jordan. I'm 18. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I'm studying law. My debating coach says that when I debate I "go from flower child to super bitch". I think this sums me up marvellously.

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ya hes cute…….but is he conscientious of the social inequalities and corruption in hierarchies of power that plague this world

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So we got these leaflets for the South East of England to vote Conservative in the upcoming election. I decided to make them into something a lot more useful.

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  “A scarlet steam engine was waiting next to a platform  packed with people. A sign overhead said Hogwarts Express, eleven o’clock. Harry looked behind him and saw a wrought-iron archway where the barrier had been, with  the words Platform Nine and Three-Quarters on it.
  Smoke from the engine drifted over the heads of the chattering crowd, while cats of every color wound here and there between their legs. Owls hooted to one another in a disgruntled sort of way over the babble and the scraping of heavy trunks.”

Happy September 1st, y’all!

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whenever you’re in a situation where you need motivation just whisper “give ‘em the old razzle dazzle” to yourself and proceed to give ‘em the old razzle dazzle.

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ideas for oitnb season 3


  • in the middle of a scene piper kerman descends from the ceiling on a zipwire wearing an array of sequined garments
  • she is carrying two machine guns and when she fires them they shoot out fireworks in the colours of the bi pride flag
  • she screams loudly ‘BISEXUALS EXIST’ before blackflipping over pornstache’s head and out of the nearest window
  • larry’s character is replaced by the chicken from season one incorporated seamlessly into his role with no explanation

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Gregory Alan Isakov

—Honey, It's Alright



Despite all our shuffling
the trainwreck and talking
Despite all our outfield saves

You’re treading water
The sea was your daughter
But now she’s gone, gone…

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